"Yes master..."

Imagine Alfred on the phone with Master Wayne; that's us taking orders.

Processing them, as fast as you follow Nolan's logic. (That's a compliment : )

At Yellbow, we promise to not reveal your sensitive information. We store basic data, like address and pincodes for your benefit of successive visits. Those information will be stored in the local memory of your device. These are called cookies. If you choose not to utilize this feature, you can opt out through your browser settings. Kindly google how to turn off cookies for further information.

We update our policy as per the requirements of the organization and Government law. So, we advise you to regularly check this out, in case of any change – prior to making a purchase. If you have any comments or issues regarding the privacy of your data, please contact us.

Payment Gateway
As already mentioned, we don't store your sensitive and unique information. That said, you must be aware of the security of your connection. Making a purchase requires you to be on a SSL, https connection. Please make sure that, the website address begins with an https:// prior to sharing your valuable information. Kindly refrain from clicking on suspicions pop-ups that boast of glaring offers.

If, for any reason you find the purchase unsatisfactory – you can return the item within 14 days of the order (placed).

We do require you to send a snap of the item prior to return. To confirm that the item isn't damaged prior to return-shipment. Thus, it is mandatory to note that you can't return a damaged item after accepting the package.

In another case, if you're shipment was damaged while delivery; we urge you to not accept the delivery. You can return it then and there, so that you save time and money in returning the same later.

(Need to know, if the item is returned – how long will it take to initiate refund? Also, is cash the only option for refund? Can they choose another item or redeem points for future purchase?)

Please read the information presented here carefully, they are legally binding.

You agree to abide by these terms by using our site. Also, as mentioned in our previous policies, these too are subject to change. Kindly check this often to be updated.

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